Does Your Opinion Even Matter, Belize?

The government of Belize, much like many governments around the world today, is considering mandating vaccines for frontline workers, government workers, and eventually every man, woman and child in the country. Prior to the current Coronavirus pandemic, vaccines were only mandated in cases where individual were travelling to a country where a certain disease was endemic, and were mandated to protect travelers, as well as those in their country of origin, when the traveler returns home. The argument for mandating vaccines is ostensibly to halt the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. While this is a noble cause, and unfortunately is the extent to which most politicians, policy makers and public health officials understand the landscape of the pandemic, there are much more complex issues that need to be considered.

Before delving further, let’s re-visit what we know up to this point, which you will find is easier said than done. Countries all over the globe are facing a disease, COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus, also referred to as the Novel Coronavirus (in actuality not novel at all), of an unknown origin (we have now discovered the paper trail unmasking its origin), that was originally described as less lethal than the seasonal Flu virus (it still is), and is ubiquitously described by mainstream media as a pandemic, even though positive cases account for less than 10% of populations, and deaths hover around 1%. Nevertheless, the death of 1% of any population is 1% too much, especially from a disease that is now known to be NOT naturally occurring.

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in late 2019, and I use outbreak and pandemic loosely, many governments responded to the perceived threat of a highly contagious pathogen by employing a strategy of considering the political ramifications of closing off international travel from certain countries, and after enough travelers had made it through, of which a certain percentage were no doubt carrying the SARS-CoV2 virus, travel restrictions were enforced. Shortly after, following new cases of infection, whole towns, cities, and even entire countries filled with healthy individuals (and a growing but small number of infected), were “locked down” (a practice previously unheard of in the centuries of recorded medical practice and disease control protocols. This was achieved only with the help of the American mainstream media repeating the assurances by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was tasked to lead the US response to the COVID outbreak, that all that was needed was “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” As it turns out, two weeks did not flatten the curve in the US, or any other country, for that matter. Instead, cases kept climbing, as hospitals scrambled to address the medical emergency that was on top of them. Studies would later bear out that mass lockdowns don’t work (which the world now knew by experience), and perhaps there was a reason this strategy was never used in the past, when quarantining the sick provided the best results.

It did not take long for governments and pharmaceutical companies to start discussing the possibility of developing a vaccine to inoculate the population against the new threat. American President Donald Trump enthusiastically threw hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at vaccine makers to secure the bragging rights as the first the develop a Covid vaccine. Experts warned that vaccines usually take years to produce due to the rigorous clinical trials that are required to ensure vaccine safety and efficacy, and a vaccine would come too late to factor into his re-election campaign, as he hoped. Little did he know that patent filing records would later reveal that work on COVID vaccines started years before, for a virus that was touted as “novel.” You read that right. It was no coincidence that the completion of new COVID vaccines was revealed mere days after the US election, and mere months after work on vaccines supposedly started. The new generation of vaccines (mRNA & DNA), that Dr. Anthony Fauci himself tried very hard to mainstream with the unpopular seasonal Flu vaccine (a DNA vaccine), was finally being embraced, curiously enough, as a result of the global spread of a virus with supposedly unknown origins.

The American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) hurriedly authorized the new vaccines under Emergency Use Authorization, making sure to note that the vaccines were NOT approved for treatment of COVID disease. This was simply because the usual, years-long multi-phase vaccine trial process had been skirted due to the circumstances of an ongoing pandemic. Undoubtedly, the vaccine development and rollout in the US was highly tainted by political intrigue surrounding the 2020 Presidential election, but thankfully other countries only had nationalistic pride and public discontent to spur on their accelerated vaccine production programs. While Johnson & Johnson’s monkey Adenovirus vector vaccine (which still employs gene-editing technology) faced headwinds due to troubling cases of thrombosis (blood clots) in recipients, particularly in women, Pfizer and ModeRNA’s candidates enjoyed protection from any criticism by the medical establishment (NIH, CDC), and we would later find out why that is. The growing number of Americans dying of cardiomyopathy and thrombotic events were quietly kept out of the media by the growing censorship on mainstream news outlets and social media platforms. The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, having been developed outside the umbrella of the American Medical Industrial Complex, also faced negative press as vaccinated individuals all over Europe were developing and dying from cerebral thrombosis.

In the early days of the pandemic, research began in earnest to identify currently used drugs that may be effective in treating Covid disease. Several worldwide studies were launched in collaboration with universities and hospitals thousands of miles across. This effort was, unfortunately railroaded when US President Trump started to focus on Hydroxychloroquine, an inexpensive and easily obtainable drug used for decades to treat Malaria. His political opponents were quick to oppose the use and testing of HCQ, as it was suggested by Trump, and efforts were underway to erase any positive contribution to the Covid response he could be credited with. HCQ understandably fell into disfavor, despite a few studies that found it was effective if used early in treatment. Ivermectin, another plentiful drug did not suffer a similar fate, and has proven to be effective in treatment of the disease. Notwithstanding, focus on treatment has waned, being replaced with a well-funded focus on vaccines, and prescribing them to an increasingly younger age range, despite data suggesting mortality was statistically insignificant in these populations.

In addition, human rights watchdogs began to sound the alarm early in the lockdowns that some sort of vaccine mandate might follow, and would culminate in a vaccine passport that would fully control citizens access to food, resources, travel, etc. Their fears are proving well founded, as countries around the world are jockeying to pass legislation to codify vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, in a bit to be the country others should emulate. Understandably, the pushback has been swift and significant, as European countries, in particular, have a recent memory of not being able to go about their normal lives without showing one’s papers to a German SS checkpoint guard during the Nazi occupation of Europe, or East German border guards, during the era of the Cold War.

So, in the face of a mysterious viral outbreak, conflicts of interest and obfuscation by the WHO, CDC and NIH and NIAID on its origins, a new generation of untested vaccines produced so rapidly, you’d think it was a miracle until you look up the dates of the patent filings on the SARS CoV-2 virus and its vaccine, growing numbers of vaccine adverse effects being reported all across the world, the looming legal and human rights issues of forced and coerced vaccination, and the global pushback against vaccine passports, to say the GOB has a few things to consider as they move forward, is a whopper of an understatement.

The question still remains – “Does your opinion even matter, Belize?” The answer, I believe, is a resounding “Yes!” That is, they need you to believe whatever the official narrative is. Firstly, that closing your borders is racist. That COVID is no worse than the Flu. That it’s not a pandemic. That it is actually a pandemic. That masks don’t work, save them for the frontline workers. That masks actually work, and they lied to ensure frontline workers had enough masks. That one mask is not enough – you should double-mask. That if one or two masks work, several are sure to confer more protection than just one. That we need to lockdown for two weeks to flatten the curve. That the lockdown needs to continue. That we need to reach herd immunity when 70% of the population are exposed to the virus and develop natural immunity. That it’s now 75%. That it’s now 80%. That now it’s 85%. That the WHO changed the definition of herd immunity from exposing people to pathogen to develop natural immunity to protecting them from the pathogen using lucrative new vaccines to achieve artificial immunity. That the vaccine can help us reach herd immunity. That the vaccine is the ONLY way to achieve herd immunity. That Hydroxychloroquine does not work, because Trump said it would. That the virus originated in a wet market, where someone possibly bought and consumed an infected bat. That a bat may have interacted with a pangolin. That the new vaccines that produce genetically-engineered spike proteins in your body are completely safe, even though there was only a few months of controlled clinical trial data to go on. That if you get the vaccine, you won’t catch COVID. That it’s normal to catch COVID even though you are double vaccinated, since no vaccine is perfect. That even though you may become infected with COVID after being full vaccinated, the disease will be mild. That we may need to consider new lockdowns. That COVID passports are necessary to prevent disease spread, even though viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated are comparable. That all age groups will need the vaccine, even though the data show the vast majority of mortality occurs in elderly populations with between one and ten comorbidities, the primary of which is obesity.

Yes, Belize – your opinion matters! But only if it agrees with the official narrative. Which is a bit strange, I must say. Belize has no incredibly corrupt corporate pharmaceutical companies that are currently profiting hundreds of millions in vaccine sales, exerting pressure on elected officials’ pocketbooks. Belize has no captured public agencies nor public health officials who happen to be the highest paid public servant in the country while maintaining significant conflicts of interest with the private sector, obfuscating accountability and crafting narratives that exonerate their decades-long involvement with gain-of-function research. All Belize has are politicians and medical doctors who are content to do what everyone is doing, go along with the crowd without asking questions, and are willing to roll over peoples’ rights and objections, because they have a police force all too willing to enforce any government mandate at the point of a gun.

If any Belizean wants to truly form an informed opinion, they MUST do their own research. And by research, I mean listening to or reading the works of those who have at the very least, a MD degree, a PhD degree, or has a background in virology, epidemiology or pharmacology. But be careful! You may end up forming unpopular opinions. And that’s dangerous! And don’t buy the hysteria. All vaccines are not dangerous, all fact-checkers are not the Devil, and if you are over 70 years of age, have several comorbidities, and live in an area with a high case count, it’s not a bad idea to get a vaccine. The truth often lies somewhere between the glaring lights of the anchor desk, Big Tech censorship and the guy pacing back and forth in his tin foil hat. It lies in being informed – of everything, and developing a measured understanding of the way the world truly works, not just how it ought to work. There’s a huge difference.

Think critically, or not at all! It will get you through what’s coming. Truth is the first casualty of war… even the war on COVID.

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