U.K. Dr. Philip McMillan interviews vaccine developer Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who discusses the benefits and risks of mass vaccination in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

In this high-level, data driven discussion, an ex-Pentagon defense consultant and now journalist interviews Dr. Richard D. Urso, MD, an ophthalmologist, reconstructive surgeon and drug designer, who discusses the SARS CoV2’s engineering, the spike protein’s cytotoxicity and thrombogenesis, prion-like disease, the bi-phasic nature of Covid disease, antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), drug treatment options, the bio-distribution report on COVID vaccines, animal trials, and possible effects of spike protein on the ovaries, gain-of-function research, and many other issues.

Dr. David Martin, Chairman of M·CAM International, the world’s largest intangible asset underwriting and analytics firm monitoring all global innovation, commerce, patents, patent applications, government grants, and procurement records in 168 countries, gives an overview of the entire sordid history of patents beginning in the early 2000’s related to SARS, Anthrax and SARS CoV-2 research, naming patent numbers, corporations, universities and other involved parties such as the DOD, DARPA, etc. He weaves a compelling theory of where the data leads, and it’s nowhere good.

U.K. Dr. Philip McMillan interviews Dr. Shankara Chetty, a South African General Practitioner who has successfully treated over 5,000 COVID patients using an outpatient protocol he developed called “The 8th Day Therapy.”

Ph.D. virologist Jennifer Smith explains the PCR test and issues that surround cycle threshold.

Dr. Bret Weinstein & Dr. Heather Heying (both Ph.D. in Biology) discuss how regulatory and academic capture have produced an environment in which pharmaceutical corporations have corrupted and co-opted drug regulators, government agencies, academic institutions, medical publications, the peer review process, and ultimately abandoned their fiduciary responsibility to the public health and trust, in their pursuit of financial gain, and how this may be affecting the COVID-19 medical response.

David E. Martin, Ph.D. discusses the legal and statutory definitions of the term “vaccine” and why gene therapies that don’t prevent infection nor disease don’t meet the criteria to be called vaccines.

Real voices of people suffering from COVID vaccine side effects (even though they are currently only a small percentage of all who received vaccinations)

Dr. Richard Urso goes into great detail about the prophylactic and early treatment protocols he uses that allow the natural immune system to handle the virus for robust, durable immunity, explains how prophylaxis could end the pandemic, and talks about what he’d do if he had Fauci’s job.

Canadian Doctors destroy the Covid19 Fear Narrative