About Us

The B.R.J.M. is a grassroots movement of Belizeans who are committed to lawfully and peaceably oppose the infringement of their freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom of health. The movement arose in direct response to the passing of Statutory Instrument (SI) 78, which in essence serves to coerce Belizeans into taking an experimental gene therapy advertised as a COVID vaccine, or be subjected to the non-regulated and standard-less polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. We are not anti-vaccine. Instead, we are pro-safe and effective vaccines.


We envision a country in which the Constitution, the highest law of the land, is faithfully upheld in all its laws and statutes, and any legislation, agenda, entity, or person which subverts or undermines the constitution is rejected and nullified.


Our mission is to ensure that the constitutional rights and guarantees of all Belizeans are respected and protected, as stipulated in the Constitution of Belize, Article 3, Section 17.


We implore all Belizeans to consider all the available facts regarding the experimental COVID gene therapies advertised as COVID vaccines before deciding whether or not to receive the shot. Be informed! We urge Belizeans to refrain from any and all acts of discrimination or marginalization against any group or persons, based on their vaccination status.